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A Philippines known

for quality.


To be a permanent home

for our tenants.

About AtlasLand

AtlasLand is an investment platform through which like-minded, long term focused investors can pool their resources and invest into Private Real Estate platforms in the Philippines.

AtlasLand's vision is twofold: to create a safe haven for investors' capital in the form of recurring income prime real estate, and to encourage very high quality architecture, construction, property management and service in the commercial real estate industry. In short, to help make the Philippines known for quality.

Currently, AtlasLand is investing into and growing its flagship AtlasOffice platform, which concentrates on Class A, design-oriented, medium-sized office buildings in the Makati Central Business District.

Previously, AtlasLand developed the AtlasResidences platform, a collection of core, very high value architectural homes in ultra prime districts that were either sold or held as rental properties.

The founders of AtlasLand have a background in Architecture and continue to hold themselves and all projects they undertake to the highest standards of their craft.

Contact Us

837 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City, Philippines 1200

63 8812 1360 |

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